Sunday Mornings

Nursery - 1 Year Olds

The first chance the church has to share the love of Jesus with the youngest of kids. Sunday mornings, childcare is provided in a fun and loving environment during both services for infants and 1 year olds while parents attend service and serve in ministry.

2 Year Olds - Kindergarten

Incite Wonder...the wonder of a loving Creator.  At a young age, kids are full of wonder about everything.  So, we hop on that "wonder wagon" and help them soak up all they can about our big, loving God and His incredible creation.  Lessons, Bible stories, games, crafts and activities that build on this core truth are the focus of this age group.

1st - 4th Grade

Provoke discovery...the discovery of a living Savior. Our strategy is built around three basic truths we want every child to know and embrace:  Wisdom - I need to make the right choice; Faith - I can trust God no matter what; and Friendship - I should treat others the way I want to be treated.  Sunday mornings include energetic worship, engaging small group, fun games and Bible stories presented in a unique way.

5th - 6th Grade

Fuel passion...the passion of believers, fueled by God's love and sacrifice, to continue His mission and message.   Catering to that 'tweener' age, Club 56 embraces the small group concept that is the cornerstone of WCC. Every Sunday morning, students hang out, worship, play games, watch videos and engage in small group discussion with leaders who are passionate about helping your students become passionate.  Club 56 also hosts a variety of fellowship events and service projects.  Visit .