Pray Moore

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Continuous prayer with the other church's for our community and the schools is our mission here at WCC. Philippians 4:6-7 Don't worry about anything; instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God's peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

Join the prayer team the last Sunday of every month at 6:00 for some worship, devotion and prayer time alone. This is a time we pray for the church and people in the church. 

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School Prayer Walk Prayer Guide

This is to help you get started, we encourage you to make at least four laps around the school. Some schools are bigger so you may just make one big lap. This is just a guide to help you but I encourage you to let God guide you as you walk. We can make a huge difference in our schools through prayer. 

Lap 1

· Pray the administrators, educators, parents and students would have hearts that ADORE the Lord our God! And that others would come to the Lord through seeing His light in those who know the Lord. 

  • Pray the Lord would shine His light upon the school and drive out all darkness (spiritual blindness, perversion and hostilities toward you.



    Lap 2

  • That when the administrators, educators, parents, and students fall to the evil one's schemes and our sinful nature, that those sins would be revealed and that we would CONFESS AND REPENT for those sins and accept our forgiveness that was paid for by our Savior. That our children would put on the full armor of God and be shielded from the evil one's plots to keep them from a relationship with our God.

Lap 3

· Give thanks for the blessing the Teachers are in the lives of the students, and the blessings that the children are to all who know them. Give thanks for the school, the teachings, the food that feeds the students, and for the students who bear witness to the glory of God to the other students.  

  • We declare by the power of Jesus name that ungodly, crime, bullying, violence and all other illegal activities will have no place within the boundaries of this school or its neighborhood.

Lap 4

  • Ask God for is that He would fill us to overflowing, with the Holy Spirit, to help us absolutely focus our complete attention on Him. We are asking for a "Spirit led" state of prayer. We are now ready to "pray in the Spirit". We are now fully in the presence of God. Pray over the prayer requests for this school, for unspoken requests and for the needs of the children and staff that may not be known. Pray for the financial, spiritual, physical and mental needs of the students, that all would be met. Pray for victims of abuse and neglect. Pray for the Holy Spirit to reside in the school, and to fill every emptiness that exists within the hearts of all those who enter the school. Pray for protection of all who enter, that sickness, harmfulness, and evilness will not be known to those who come and go from this place. 

· That God will be exalted in this school and He would release His salvation to permeate every life that comes upon this campus and that He would raise up godly leadership among Christian groups and campus clubs. Advance Christian prayer on this campus and open doors of opportunity to share the gospel.