Paul Cunningham, founding and Senior pastor, had a very simple vision and idea when he began Westmoore Community Church in 1994: he wanted a church that could effectively reach people turned off and indifferent to the church, turning them into on fire and passionate believers for Jesus Christ. Westmoore has been reaching and serving people in our South Oklahoma City community ever since.

WCC is an evangelical and bible teaching church filled with people passionate about Christ. We often express that we’re the “Church of the messed up” but we also are not content staying messed up, striving to always love, teach and reach others for Christ while we continue to grow in our relationship with Jesus. We are authentic in our faith. We preach and practice the love of Christ. We believe strongly in community and relationships. At Westmoore Community Church, our goal is simple: we want you to come into a real and saving relationship with Jesus Christ and get to Know Him personally. We want to see you grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ. And, we desire to see you ultimately grow to the place where you are willing and eager to go for Christ, serving Him in ministry using the gifts, talents and abilities we believe everyone of us has.

Pastor Paul Cunningham and the staff and core ministry leaders at WCC are firmly committed to your growth and spiritual well being. We have a passion for seeing you find a deeper and intimate relationship with Christ. Pastor Paul has never wavered in his commitment to this purpose and vision God first gave him in 1994. As the church continues to grow, so does his passion to still reach people lost, turned off and indifferent to Christ and the church. Pastor Paul and his wife Robin have four children and live in South Oklahoma City, where Westmoore Community Church first started.