In November of 2009, WCC began a partnership with Children’s Hopechest to sponsor orphans in Uganda, Africa.  WCC now sponsors over 600 orphans in the three villages of Ngariam Corner, Obula-jet and Aconga.  For $34 per month, a child is fed, educated, and provided with uniforms.  In 2010, two teams with a total of 14 people traveled half way around the world twice and spent 26 days in country doing missionary work in these three villages: ministering to over 1,500 kids (including the very 600 that we sponsor) and caring for the elderly.  WCC has raised over $25,000 to do ministry on the ground – providing hot meals for unsponsored children, shoes, beef, mosquito nets…the list is endless.

And the work continues.  WCC ‘s faithful members raised money to build carepoints in each of the villages so that the kids don’t have to eat their one meal a day in the rain and blazing sun and so that they have a place for the disciplers to teach the bible lessons.  A trip was also made in May 2011 and another is planned for November of this year.

It’s not often that God allows us a glimpse of the fruits of our giving, but in Ngariam, God’s great work is undeniable and so very evident.  That’s the rare beauty of giving to Ngariam-we see first hand the work God is doing with the money given by the faithful.